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Domesticate Your Dollars

managing you money shouldn't be frustrating or stressful

Even if you're not a "money" person

Find simple step-by-step guides and lots of resources that will help you feel confident again.

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What Do You Need Help With?

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Find lots of tips, helpful info, and guidance on the blog here.

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Where to begin

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What's in store

The four main topics I focus on are budgeting, spending, debt, and savings and retirement. Everything on the site and in the newsletter focuses on these main points, but don't worry. I make sure to present it in a simple and interesting way.


So who am I?

Hey there!

I'm Kristen - huge nerd, wife, mom, crafter, lover of learning new things, and always looking for ways to help out. I've watched so many friends and family members struggle with money because they don't feel like they are capable of learning how to manage it. If you're not a money person, I bet you can relate.

I started Domesticate Your Dollars to show people just like you it IS possible to be the boss of your money, even if you're not a money nerd like me.

Don't be afraid to reach out! Send me a message anytime.



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